Why Choose Aftermarket?

There is a lot of commonly misunderstood information when dealing with aftermarket performance parts. It can be very confusing when hearing someone tell you one thing only to hear the complete opposite information from someone else about a product. With the amount of information on the internet, many get frustrated.

We took the time to provide you with quality information, allowing you to have a better understanding of aftermarket products specifically air intakes. We spent a lot of time conducting research and have talked with the professionals in order to share information with you that you can trust.

Shortram offers a wide range of reviews for some of the best aftermarket cold air intake systems as well as short ram intakes. If you are unfamiliar with the differences, please head over to our Cold Air Intake vs Short Ram Intake section. We also offer our customers an Air Intake Buyers Guide as well as explain how Air Systems Work.

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Aftermarket Air Intake Systems Do the Same Job as the Stock Intake System?

This is just plain wrong. The stock intake system is a restrictive system that forces your engine to do more work in order to suck air in. Let’s say your nose is stuffed up blocking the airflow into your body. You feel run down and sluggish just from normal tasks. Now go out for a jog. Not going to perform very well at all, right? A Performance Air Intake System is like rapid relief medicine, allowing you to instantly perform better by opening up airflow that had been restricted.

The Stock Intake System tends to be hot air due to the heat off the engine in the compartment bay. What these means is the air isn’t as dense as it could be resulting in a loss in performance. This is where a performance air intake system truly stands out.

Depending on how the system was designed, the location of the high-flow air filter is installed in a location that blocks heat allowing the air being sucked in to be cooler, denser, providing your engine with more oxygen to burn. This results in more power and better performance. The performance air intake system that we deal with are all scientifically studied that are proven to enhance your horsepower and increase you fuel economy.

I Heard an Aftermarket Air Intake Will Set Off My Check Engine Light?

All the performance intake systems we review are designed to the highest of quality. The manufactures’ have designed them to integrate with your engine seamlessly to work with your engine, depending on the make and model. Some people choose to do it themselves, thinking that there isn’t much to the systems. This is where problems occur. There is a reason why manufacturers’ have spent a lot of time and money on developing these systems.

Cheap, do it yourself, air intake systems do not have proper locations for your current sensors to plug into. This often results in your engines air to fuel ratios to be off causing the engine to run lean which results in the check engine light to come on. Quality air intake systems from companies such as K&N, Injen, AEM and others took the time to run tests on the aftermarket air intake system on the vehicle(s) designed for allowing for a worry free product that will not harm your engine, nor reduce performance and keep you legal on the road.

I Heard When It Rains, Water Will Be Sucked Into the Engine and Ruin My Motor?

There is no evidence of this occurring when driving in a rain storm. Hydro-lock, getting water into the engine and ruining the motor is extremely rare. Now we are not saying that you can submerge the performance air intake and drive your vehicle. There are some performance air intake systems that install in the fender of your vehicle. This leaves it vulnerable to flooding conditions and unexpected water laying on the road that may be deeper than expected.

When driving in these conditions, you probably have more to worry about than the performance air intake system. Most locations on a vehicles, where a performance air intake system is installed, are protected by the fender, inner fender and other protective plastic pieces to keep water from splashing up and being sucked into the engine.

For extra protection some companies, like Injen, sell HydroShield, splash guards, for their products. This device will install over the high-flow air filter cone to act like a rain jacket. They are very inexpensive, ranging around 25 dollars.

It is a small price to pay but worth the peace of mind. If you live in an area that receives heavy rain and snow, then you can upgrade to a bypass valve. These products are a little more expensive, compared to the HydroSheild, but does a great job preventing any chance of damage to the motor.

I Heard Aftermarket Parts Are Hard To Install?

The level of difficulty can ranger quite a bit when installing the aftermarket air intake system. For example, Short Ram Systems can be install in as little as 10 minutes, whereas more complex Cold Air Intakes take around an hour to install. Every system will require a basic screwdriver set. Cold Air Intakes may require a jack or a ramp to lift the vehicle off the ground to access the location where the bottom half of the cold air intake system installs to.

Most performance air intake systems provide easy-to-read instructions that include pictures, what to remove, and loosen making the job doable for someone who knows very little about cars.

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