What is the Best Cold Air Intake for F150 Fords?

The afe 54-12192 F150 Cold Air Intake Kit

What is the Best Cold Air Intake For F150 Fords? One answer is the: 54-12192 Magnum Force Stage-2 Pro 5R Intake System. The aFe 54-12192 Magnum Force Stage-2 Pro 5R Intake System is one of the latest products of Advanced FLOW Engineering, Incorporated, a manufacturer of high performance components for various late model trucks, cars, SUV’s and other automobiles.

This product is designed to be compatible with various types of vehicles, and is able to produce an impressive 32 horsepower, it’s worth mentioning that the 54-12192 Magnum Force is the most sophisticated design for intake systems available in the market today. Available for the 2012-2014 V6 Ford F150. 

The device features a dual tube design of similar length, as well as an “H” pipe balance tube, which is designed to increase the intake air flow and velocity of the engine, while at the same increasing its horsepower and torque output and throttle response features. In other words, the 54-12192 Magnum Force allows for faster turbo spooling, which makes it an ideal component for people who enjoy modding their vehicles. 

In addition to the main features, it’s also worth mentioning that the air intake design of the 54-12192 is surrounded by a 16 gauge heat shield which uses the lower-half of the factory air box. On the other hand, its air filters, which consists of dual 360 degree cone-shaped Pro-5R filters, provide increased protection and air flow for optimum motor performance. These components are made using 100% polyurethane, which means that it will remain in optimum condition for a long time and several cleaning cycles. 

aFe 54-12192 Magnum Force Stage 2 Ford F150 Cold Air Intake backside view
So all things considered, the 54-12192 Magnum Force is really quite impressive, and is very useful for modding turbo vehicles. It is definitely useful for people who want their motors to suck up more air, and perform better/more efficiently.

Product features of the best cold air intake for F150 Fords:

  • Produces gains of around 32 hp as well as 35lbs x feet torque.
  • Features a dual 360 degree Pro-5R-5 layer oiled-air filter.
  • It’s assembled and manufactured in the United States
  • Features intake tubes of equal length for added air flow and increased vehicle velocity
  • Made from a patent-pending exclusive design
  • Weighs approximately 15 pounds
  • Product dimensions are 23 x 16 x 13 inches

Opinions about the aFe 54-12192 Magnum Force Intake System varies from person to person, but there is a general agreement that it does offer “smoother” acceleration for most types of vehicles, including the Ford F-150. Also, the initial delay is rather absent, which means that you can get up to speed more quickly. 

Furthermore, the aFe 54-12192 Magnum Force’s tubes are made from metal, and not from plastic, which not only adds durability, but also helps increase the vehicle’s performance. As for fuel consumption, the device works wonderfully, and helps optimize motor performance without too much extra consumption. 

Installation Instructions
The installation instructions are quite useful, but not perfect. They can give you just enough information to understand the more complicated aspects of the aFe 54-12192, but you will have to figure out the rest. Don’t worry though. Installation is quite easy, and if you require additional information, the Advanced FLOW Engineering website has all the extra info you’ll need. 

aFe 54-12192 Magnum Force Stage 2 Ford F150 Cold Air Intake sideview
The instructions also mention a lot of important stuff, so be sure to follow them, particularly with regards to trimming the coolant return. Aside from that though, you won’t have to worry about a lot of things. As we’ve already mentioned, the aFe 54-12192 is easy to install and figure out, so you should have little trouble along the way. 

Perhaps the biggest complaint about the Magnum Force is the noise. However, this only takes place during acceleration, so it won’t last very long. If, however, you just can’t seem to get over the sound, one option that you can try is to include the Fe 54-12188 Intake System Cover in your purchase. This will cost you an additional $48, but it will remove the noise and make the intake sound a lot better.  However, we at Shortram and many others really enjoy the throaty sound of a new intake. So loud can be good or bad depending on your point of view.

Why is the aFe 54-12192 Magnum Force the Best Cold Air Intake for F150 Fords
The short answer is compatibility and performance. The Magnum Force is compatible with various types of vehicles, including the F150, which although quite decent, also needs a little extra boost in terms of acceleration. So if you a F150 Ford, don’t think of the Magnum Force as just another add-on or modding option. Look at it as a necessary component for your F150, which will allow it to achieve improved long term performance.

A few reviews from verified buyers had to say:

“I installed this on my 2013 f150 lariat and it works well. The installation instructions were ok (meaning they gave me enough info so I could figure the rest out). Yea the pics could have been clearer (they looked noticeably different from the 2013 setup) but they got me where I needed to go. I bet their website has clearer pics (and let’s face it, if you’re ordering from Amazon you probably have internet access).

Noise – I did also purchase the cover that goes on top. I believe they changed how the turbos exhaust on the 2013 model. The tube where the turbo should feed back into the intake is capped off from the factory so I’m assuming with the revisions done to the turbo on the 2013 model, the sound is quieter. If the turbos vented back into the intake on pre-2013 model then I’d assume you would hear a lot more. With that being said while the engine is in vacuum there is no difference. When you pound on the gas you hear the turbo blowoff a bit more than the normal intake.

Performance – I don’t have a dyno so don’t ask. It’s all subjective and varies by person. With that being said I do feel the acceleration is “smoother”. It may be a little faster but that initial delay isn’t there really so I get up to speed much quicker. I haven’t done any burnouts (it’s a new truck with new tires so I’m not going to waste them) but I’d assume you would be able to put on a good show.

The tubes are metal where my old K&N was plastic. Not sure if that makes any difference but there it is. I also did have to trim the coolant return(?) hose so one of the tubes didn’t rub. It was mentioned in the instructions and turned out just fine. Another word of advice, if you’re putting the cover on the system, install the rubber liner ONLY on the lip closest to the outside of the vehicle on the intake box. Otherwise the lid won’t go all the way down and it helps seal the system up. The other odd thing about the system is I assumed the H pipe would be hollow but instead there’s just a small hole in either end. Dunno.

Overall I’m very happy with the setup and I am interested to see what it can do with a aFe exhaust. Those two plus my chip tune should put me over 500 ponies for my truck.”
– WinJet1

Not sure on the HP gains but, it greatly reduces throttle response. This is the first mod I did on my eco-boost. I am extremely happy with the performance.” – Ken

Here’s a detailed installation video should you need any assistance:

If you’d like to check out even more info on this powerful intake for the F150, you’ll find what you need at Amazon.

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