Terms & Conditions

By utilizing certain sections and features of Shortram.com, you are agreeing to and acknowledging the following terms and conditions:


TERMS: That we may store and collect personable identifiable information such as name, email address, country and state. We’ll never share or sell this information other than when required by law.

Advertising Terms

TERMS: By advertising on Shortram.com, you hereby acknowledge and agree that:

  • There are no refunds. Every advertising model offered by Shortram.com is offered as non-refundable.
  • Shortram.com can not guarantee you traffic, clicks, sales or new clientele.
  • Ads submitted to Shortram must be family friendly and not manipulative, misleading or malicious. Failure to follow this rule, will result in the cancellation of your ad.
  • That Shortram staff can contact you at the Email address you had provided when your ad was submitted for reasons pertaining to your advertisement.
  • In the instance of unplanned server and/or website downtime, Shortram.com staff will work with you to extend your ad.
  • Any image(s) you submit to Shortram.com are of your own creation. If image(s) are not your own,  you must have consent from the copyright owner that you’re permitted to use such image(s).

Contact Form

TERMS: By sending your request through this contact form, you consent to allow shortram.com to store and process the personal information submitted above for inquiry purposes only. We’ll never sell or make your information available without your consent. If you’d like your information/inquiry deleted from Shortram.com, please use our Data Deletion form.

Ride Submission Form

TERMS: By submitting your ride to Shortram.com, you, the submitter, must agree to and acknowledge the following conditions:

  • You own the copyright to any text/photo(s) submitted.
  • Your submission may not be listed. We review each submission separately and may not list submissions we deem unacceptable. Reasons for this may be because of photo content that isn’t PG rated, explicit language used in text or material that is subject to copyright.
  • You allow Shortram.com to include your submission text and/or photos in Newsletter emails, or to Social Media sites for the purpose of promoting Shortram. We’ll never share any personal details other than your first name and state (if not submitted anonymously). We take any and all information submitted very seriously.
  • You must use our Data Delete Request form in the event that you’d like us to delete your submission and all personal details from Shortram and/or any other platform we post your submission to. Otherwise, your submission will remain on our website or social media sites indefinitely.


TERMS: We use MailChimp as our newsletter provider. By subscribing to our newsletter service, you agree to and acknowledge

  • That you can unsubscribe at any time following the unsubscribe link at the bottom of newsletter emails we send you.
  • That the information we store (First name, email address) will never be shared, made publicly available or sold for any reason.
  • The information stored, is stored indefinitely unless requested otherwise using our Data Delete Request Form.

For more information on MailChimp privacy, see: https://mailchimp.com/legal/privacy/