New Music You Can Drive To

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New Music You Can Drive To

What is going on everyone? There other day I was thinking about all the music I listen to when driving to and from work. If you are like me, you listen to a crap ton of music.

I subscribed to amazon’s prime service after I saw it was now for music. The service is pretty awesome and a good way to just get away from life.

Nothing beats the feeling of cruising down your favorite road, jamming to some awesome tubes.

Although I am unsure what any of you listen to, I am going to share some of my favorite new albums that have come out that gets me going when I am driving.

Let me know what you guys think and please share with me some of your favorite albums to jam out to. I would love to hear what you guys have to say.

Electronic Dance: Bassnectar – Noise vs Beauty

album cover art

Cd cover of Bassnectar’s album Noise vs Beauty. Check it out on Amazon!

This album is for all you bass lovers out there. Wither you are a new fan or old fan of Bassnectar this album will definitely rattle your speakers.

This is enjoyable from beginning to end. I have found myself listening to this over and over, finding something new about the album I like. The 808 Track is by far my favorite song on this album. If you are a fan of deep dirty bass line, powerful melodies and funky sounds then this album is for you.

Hip-Hop / Rap: Riff Raff – Neon Icon

Album Cover Art

Riff Raff – Neon Icon Cd Cover Art. Check it out on Amazon!

This album by Riff Raff caught me by surprise. It has a classic hip-hop sound with element of the new hip-hop scene. From someone who is new to this artist, I must say this album is very addicting.

I find myself listening to this album on Fridays on my way home to work excited to the weekend.

The broad track style really does this album justice, allowing listener to find a hard time getting bored. One of my favorite track on this album is “Time”.  A great summer feel good track for the open road.

Country: Big Smo – Kuntry Livin’

Album Cover Art

Big Smo – Kuntry Livin’ Cd Cover Art. On Amazon for cheap!

This album is not your typical county cd. It is a hybrid blend of hip-hop, country and rock.

It is a blast to listen to on the weekends. It just has that feel good sound that will put anyone in a good mood. Once you turn it on you can feel the high energy this cd has to offer making every night a party night in your car.

I have to say the track “Hick Ross” cracks me up. It has to be hands down my favorite track on this album. If you are looking for an interesting blend of county, hip-hop and rock then this is for you.

Rock: Hellyeah – Blood for Blood

Album Cover Art

Hellyeah – Blood for Blood Cover Art. Check it out!

The dirty boys of rock are back with an amazing release with Blood for Blood. Having a bad day? Want to go fast? This is the cd for you.

The aggression this album blasts through your speakers will make you want to put the pedal through the floor board. It has a pretty good selection of verity as it goes from all out crazy to those mellow tracks.

My favorite track has to be is “Demons in the Dirt”. I have to watch where I listen to it thought because one of these days I am going to get pulled over

Alternative:  Linkin Park – The Hunting Party

Album Cover Art

Linkin Park – The Hunting Party Cd Cover Art. Available for cheap at Amazon.

The bad boys of nu-metal are back with an epic release. This is one of their best releases in a long time.

They definitely took a different approach with this record. It has a lot of elements of hardcore punk mixed with that authentic Linkin Park sound. I have listen to this album over and over and still want more.

It is rare that an album this good comes out. The track I find myself listening to the most is “Guilty All the Same”. The mash of up rock and rap this track will get your blood burning.

Metal: Devil You Know – The Beauty of Destruction

Album Cover Art

Devil You Know – The Beauty of Destruction Cover Art. On Amazon!

Oh how I have missed Howard Jones voice. If you are a fan of Killswitched Engaged then you know what I am talking about.

This album really packs a punch the moment it states. Unlike most metal albums that start off amazing, they tend to get really repetitive. This album is the complete opposite.

The track “Seven Years Alone” really stands out as the track I find myself listening to the most. It just has that powerful groove I love so much in the metal scene.

Alright well I have shared my top new releases that are MUST HAVES when you find yourself on the open road.

Tell me what some of your favorites are. I am a huge fan of music so I would love to hear what I am missing out on. I cannot wait to see what you guys are listening too.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Leave a comment below. Let us know how we can serve you better. We’ll reply as soon as we can!

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