’12-’14 V6 Camaro K&N 69-4523TP Cold Air Intake Review

A photo of the K&N 69-4523TP Cold Air Intake for the V6 Chevy Camaro

MAKE: Chevrolet / MODEL: Camaro / YEAR: 2012 – 2014 / ENGINE: 3.6L V6 

The Chevy Camaro definitely looks good on paper however, when you start the car and press down on the throttle you soon find that the car sounds wimpy for having 323 horsepower. The iconic sports car looks the part and provides the driver with a very respectable estimate of 30 mile-per-gallon (MPG). Most owners will agree that they love everything about the car, they just wish the sports car sound a lot more… well, like a true sports car. 

The K&N 69-4523TP cold air intake will allow the sound of the motor to match the look of the beautiful Camaro V6. Your engine will unleash its true sound as you accelerate down the highway. You will be the talk of your neighborhood once you install this aftermarket cold air intake. You will feel like you’re in a race car every time you take your Camaro V6 out for a ride. 

This aftermarket intake system replaces the stock air intake that restricts air-flow to the engine. The aftermarket system reaches out further than the stock air intake allowing cooler, denser air, to be combusted. What this means is instead of your motor working hard to suck air in and struggling to combust the warm air that is fed into your motor, the K&N 69-4523TP cold air intake will not only allow your engine to work more efficiently, it will also relieve stress.

By relieving stress off the motor, your Camaro V6 will accelerate quicker, rev faster and free horsepower that had been lost due to the engine being over worked. Most customers agree they have seen a gain up to 15 horsepower with the K&N 69-4523TP Camaro V6 cold air intake. 

Along with the increase in performance you will also see an extreme make over in your engine bay. You will be showing your engine to all your friends. The mandrel-bent aluminum tubes really allows your engine to stand out and look like the monster it has become. K&N stands behind their quality craftsmanship and offers a million mile warranty on all their products.

Key Features:

  • Estimated horsepower gain of 15.63 HP at 5800 RPM
  • Designed to improve throttle response and engine sound
  • Easy to install, usually in 90 minutes or less
  • Replaces stock air intake system
  • Lasts up to 100,000 miles before service is required (depending on driving conditions)

A photo of the K&N 69-4523TP Camaro v6 3.6L Cold Air Intake

Customer Reviews:

“Absolutely outstanding!!!! My 2013 Camaro convertible is a beautiful car that sounded incredibly wimpy, this intake changed that. Now the sound matches the look of the car and totally increased performance. I just ordered 2 more CAI for my other 2 vehicles. Highly recommended.” – John

“Put it on my 2012 3.6 Camaro and it was like night and day. I found it best to use high octane gas because of the increase of fuel caused by the increase of air. A big difference in power…No joke” – Walter

If you are a car enthusiast looking to get more performance out of your vehicle then the K&N 69-4523TP Camaro V6 cold air intake is for you. You will see instant results right after installing this aftermarket bolt-on application. From the improvement of the engine sound to the increase of horsepower, you will be blown away by what this cold air intake system does for your car. Some customers have even seen an increase in their fuel economy which will allow for this aftermarket air intake system to pay for itself over time.

All the hardware is included with this product and includes east-to-follow instructions that makes installation a breeze for anyone. No need to spend money to have a shop install this when you can simply install this yourself.  Back by a million mile warranty, the K&N 69-4523TP Camaro V6 cold air intake is built to last.

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