Increase Horsepower in your engine with this Tundra Cold Air Intake

Fit's the 5.7L Toyota Tundra


Why Use an Air Intake System?

One of the easiest way to gain a little extra power out of your engine is through the use of an aftermarket air intake system. There are two different main types of intake kits you could buy for your vehicle, a Short Ram Intake and a Cold Air Intake. We developed a guild explaining the difference between both types of kits.

We prefer the cold air intake setup when wanting the most performance out of your vehicle. A cold air intake can reach out past the engine bay to collect much cooler air to provide your vehicles engine with more oxygen. This allows the engine to perform a lot more efficiently.

In most cases you will see an increase in both acceleration and fuel economy thanks to the air being more combustible that will relieve stress from the engine. Thanks to the mandrel-bent aluminum tubes, the air passage is much smoother than your stock air intake system and is wider in diameter.

The air is collected through a high-flow filter that pulls a lot of air in compared to the stack air intake system. In most cases, the aftermarket air filter is washable and can be reused saving you money during your routine engine maintenance.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the best product for your vehicle. With so many various brands to choose from, it can be a pain to locate the appropriate aftermarket intake kit.

We have spent countless hours doing research determining what application best suits your needs. We talked with the truck community as well as the experts to find the best application money can buy for you Toyota Tundra.

So What is the Best Cold Air Intake for the Tundra?

Through our research we found that the K&N 63-9031 intake system is not only the most popular, but it the application that will give you the best results. Mike was impressed with the power the Tundra has before however he wrote “you can actually feel the difference after this was installed”.

Ray also agree as he wrote “You feel the difference when you hit the pedal” as he continued with “amust for any truck owner who wants better mileage”.

The increase of miles-per-gallon (MPG) was another advantage many customers saw. Josh could not get over how much fuel he has saving as he wrote

“I have gained about 2 miles in the city, highway is about 3 miles”. He simply said that it is “paying for its self”.

This is very impressive from an inexpensive aftermarket bolt-on that is less than 350 dollars that anyone can install.

Customers have found that their engine really comes alive once this K&N air intake system is installed. Dino was not disappointed when he wrote “The engine roars when I accelerate”.

Berry tells us “This intake is loud at wide open throttle” however mentioned that it “is not for everyone”.

Ray was really impressed as he said “it definitely adds that powerful sound to the engine” as he continued to say “If you want some extra sound and don’t want a Flow Master, then this is the way to go”

From everyone we read reviews from and talked with there was one thing that was very clear, this is a great product for the price.

K&N 63-9031 2007-2011 Toyota Tundra Cold Air Intake Kit Installed

 Proceed to pricing and customer reviews.

With all the hardware required to install this product with a set of easy to follow instructions, even someone who is not very knowledgeable can install this application themselves in less than 2 hours.

It is clear that this aftermarket intake system that is backed by a million mile warranty is simply the best money can buy.


  • Cooler air that increases oxygen to the engine
  • Increased acceleration
  • Noticeable boost in fuel economy
  • The of the engine is deeper and more “throaty”
  • Easy to install
  • Million mile warranty


  • Engine noise can be over baring on long trips
  • Lack of evidence of accrual horsepower (HP) gains


“Install was simple. Just make sure the mass air flow (MAF) sensor is placed back the right way, this will cause truck to bog down power. The power is noticeably an increase. Gas… it is paying for its self, I have gained an about 2 miles in the city, highway is about 3 miles.” – Josh

“I put this on my 2014 Tundra Limited and it definitely adds that powerful sound to the engine. If you want some extra sound and don’t want a Flow Master, then this is the way to go! You feel the difference when you hit the pedal; a must for any truck owner who wants better mileage.” – Ray

“AWESOME!! Purchased this for my Toyota Tundra. The Truck had power before but you can actually feel the difference after this was installed.” – Mike

“I bought the K&N 63 Aircharger for my 2010 Tundra 5.7L. I was going for the K&N 77 but wasn’t too sure if the metal would make a different sound and was $40 more, so I went with the K&N 63. I am not disappointed! The sound is excellent from the start of ignition to the acceleration on the highway.

The engine roars when I accelerate and does make a winding sound (kind of like blowing through a tube) I think the winding noise comes from the edge trim on the heat shield. When the air intake sucks the air in, the gap in the trim acts like a tube.

I heard it when I was installing the trim on the heat shield before installation. I was thinking of sealing it with some type of adhesive but the noise doesn’t really bother me, it sounds like a turbo charger. It was easy to install only trouble was getting the bottom bracket installed on the hose to the heat shield only because you can’t see it but all in all it was an easy install (about 2 hours).

As for the miles-per-gallon (mpgs), I did notice that the computer on the Tundra was avg 18.9 mpg up from about 16.9-17.5 mpg before the installation. I checked it when I filled up with gas and it was right on the mark…THATS 2 MPG!!! I am very happy with this product. I am definitely going to install K&N air intakes on all my vehicles from now on. – Dino

Where Can I Buy The K&N 63-9031 Intake for a Great Price?

We took the time to locate the best place to buy this intake. For the cheapest price as well as the best customer service, we chose Amazon. Their shipping is lightning fast and if you happen to have an issue with your order, their customer service will be there to help provide assistance to your issue.

 Proceed to price and customer reviews.

Not sure how to install? Check out this installation video:


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