Honda S2000 Cold Air Intake the K&N 57-3514

Honda S2000 Cold Air Intake by K&N

When it comes to facts, the Honda S2000 is among one of the most popular Honda’s ever built. They allow for easy, relatively cheap aftermarket customization. One of the easiest aftermarket upgrades an S2000 owner can perform is to upgrade their air flow system. Introducing the Honda S2000 Cold Air Intake K&N 57-3514 Fuel Injection Performance Kit.

This fits 2000-2009 S2000’s!

Installation is a snap and takes just under an hour; And after installation, don’t worry about access, as the filter is extremely easy to get to so that it can be cleaned. The K&N 57-3514 filter is washable and re-usable and is protected by a million-mile limited warranty.  It’s worth a mention that this S2000 Cold Air Intake is one of the stylish and easiest bolt on modifications you can preform on the car. You’ll want to act on this before supplies are depleted!

K&N claims that at 6200 RPM you’ll get around a 4.8 HP gain. While this does not seem like much, it IS noticeable. You may even notice better torque response in the lower RPM’s as some owners claim. This intake should remove near 15 pounds of weight when you compare it to your stock air box. This, also, is quite noticeable.

You’ll definitely notice increase in the suction noise…once you hit VTEC, it sounds mean. This S2000 Cold Air Intake really sounds great! I’ve read through various reviews on this K&N 57-3514 S2000 Cold Air Intake and nearly every review praises how good this thing sounds.

To quote a Review:

2000-2009 Honda S2000 Cold Air Intake“The sound!! I never knew a 2.0 could sound so aggressive. Install this, and you’ll find yourself grinning every time you open up the throttle. It’s probably the most inexpensive satisfying mod you can do to your S2000. I didn’t notice a huge increase in horsepower, but as you know being an S2K owner the car was designed so well from the factory that it’s hard to get better performance out of additions like this. It did seem like the car climbed to VTEC faster than before though…it could just that it was more fun because of the sound it makes.”

Really, if you own an S2000 and you’re looking for an inexpensive, easy to install bolt on modification, give the K&N 57-3514 S2000 cold air intake a try. The few complaints I’ve read had to do with not having the right tools for the installation making the install somewhat more difficult (Well yeah, if you don’t have the tools for the job, that’s going to be a factor). 🙂

As an added bonus, here’s a bonus comparing the stock Airbox compared to the 57 Series. Very noticeable difference.

Supplies of this specific intake are extremely limited so act now! Check it out on Amazon for current price and availability!

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