Ford F250 S&B 75-5054 Cold Air Intake

The Ford F250 Cold Air Intake system S&B 75-5054 is a perfect match for not only the 6.4L 2008-2010 Ford F250, but also fits the Ford F350, F450 and F550 respectively with the same engine size and year. If you’re looking for a top of the line cold air intake system for your F-Series truck, this monster is a guaranteed boost in performance.

From the ground up, the S&B 75-5054 has been engineered to help you generate even more power and more efficient fuel economy. Who wouldn’t want more power AND an increase in mileage. A few key features for this intake include:

  • Airflow Rating: Flows 23.3% Better than the Stock Intake
  • Efficiency Rating: 99.51% Efficient @ 593 CFM (ISO Course Dust)
  • Comes with an S&B high performance cleanable 8-ply filter with 1″ pleats for great power and mileage. NOTE: S&B’s cleanable filters only allow for the use of the Precision II Cleaning and Oiling Kit to clean and oil your filter
  • Custom air box protects the filter from engine heat and dirt along with a clear lid allowing for easy filter inspection and removal
  • IMPORTANT: In an effort to improve on our product, S&B has released several intakes over the years for your vehicle. Read “Select a Filter” at the bottom of the page to make sure you are selecting the correct filter to avoid fitment issues

A few snippets from verified buyers say:

Verified Purchase
After doing some research to find the highest reviewed CAI for the 6.4 Fords, I pulled the trigger and purchased this OILED S&B set up. I was skeptical with the oiled over the dry however given the usage of my truck, I feel as if the oiled version was the best application. I received this product very quick and with free shipping.

As I opened the fairly good sized box, I noticed how heavy duty the plastic was. The instructions are great, pictures of each step are in color. Every piece fit together very nice with little effort. My tear down (stock OEM) and install new CAI was around 35 min.

This is a clean looking CAI and I am impressed with the purchase. I notice a slight deeper growl from under the hood at idle which I liked and turbo lag isnt as noticeable ( helped spool a little quicker).

I doubt the HP #s went up but thats not the reason I purchased this, mainly to help the engine breathe a little better. This CAI has not thrown any codes as of yet, as an FYI.

Verified Purchase
Couldn’t ask for anything else, I feel a lot of air moving through, especially when my super duty changes gears from 4th to 5th I hear a big blow back/ sudden stop of rushing air. Almost like water hammer, sounds awesome. Cleaning and re-oiling is very simple. As by far no Mass Air Flow sensor problems.

If you own an F250, F350, F450 or F550, you can’t go wrong with the S&B 75-5054 Cold Air Intake kit.

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