Enhance Car Performance and Increase Horsepower in your 300

The luxurious Chrysler 300 goes about track and performance a little differently than the other SRT-8 line up of vehicles. At first glance, car enthusiasts can not help falling in love with the sexy sleek design. Built from top-notch materials, the quality of craftsmanship that was put into this vehicle is like none other in its class.

Behind the elegant beautiful design is a hidden rage that wants to be unleashed to those seeking adventure. This hidden madness inside this beautiful car can be felt as the owner presses down on the gas pedal.

The raw power of the SRT-8 engine produces 292 horsepower to the rear tires, allowing the driver to get a little crazy on the highway. With a fuel estimate of 31 mile per gallon, it is hard finding much wrong with the 2014 Chrysler 300.

What happens once the beauty wears off? There comes a time when a driver just wants more power. Often you may ask yourself, how can I increase car performance?

Other Bolt-on aftermarket parts can cost a lot of money, not to mention reduce the fuel economy. Wouldn’t it be great if there was something inexpensive that you could buy that would allow you to gain more power without reducing the fuel economy?

What if we told you that there is a way to increase car performance without having to decrease the fuel efficiency. Instead of only having 292 horsepower, you could have a monstrous 303 horsepower.

You had a good time with the power of the car stock, now imagine the fun you could have with a car over 300 horsepower. After spending weeks and months searching the internet as well as talking with the pros, we have found a way you can have all of that. That’s right, we are telling you that you can have your cake and eat it too.

Unlike other aftermarket bolt-on parts, A Cold Air Intake system is a fairly inexpensive modification that a person can install. Besides the low cost, they are easier to install than most engine modification. You might be asking yourself, are you serious? We are dead serious about these type of setups.

Fits 2011-2018 300, 300C, 300S - V6, V8
Airaid 353-210 Intake System with SynthaMax Blue Dry Filter
Airaid 353-210 Intake System with SynthaMax Blue Dry Filter
143 Reviews
Fits 2011-2018 300, 300C, 300S - V6, V8
Airaid 353-210 Intake System with SynthaMax Blue Dry Filter
Airaid 353-210 Intake System with SynthaMax Blue Dry Filter
143 Reviews

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You stock intake system is very restrictive. It is similar to having a cold. Your nose clogs up, restricting your breathing. You walk around the house sluggish, now go out for a jog.

You are probably not going to perform very well are you? A Cold Air Intake system is like rapid relief medication that opens up your airways, allowing you to breathe deep full breaths.

Not only does a Cold Air Intake allow your engine to breathe better, it also reduces the temperature of the air being sucked into your engine.

Cooler air brings more oxygen into the combustion chamber, thanks to the heat shield around the high-flow performance filter.  Since the air is denser, the engine can really ignite creating more power.

Thanks to the Cold Air Intake tubes, the air flow is more responsive thanks to the wider diameter of the tubes and are smoother to give the engine uninterrupted airflow.

The Airaid 353-210 CAD Intake Kit is the best system money can buy. It has been scientifically proven that this Cold Air Intake Kit will increase your stock 292 horsepower to 303 horsepower.

The Cold Air Intake Kit retains the stock filter location, however, gives your engine a big boost with the addition of a huge air inlet allowing for a steady, free-flowing supply of cold air.

The Cold Air Intake panels, which mount in the factory air box location, utilize all the factory air inlet ducts that allow additional cold air passages to the filter.

The panels also work as a heat shield preventing the hot engine compartment air to leak inside by sealing off the air filter compartment once the hood is closed.

This high quality kit is designed for your vehicle and includes all the necessary installation hardware as well as easy-to-understand instructions written with the average person in mind.

Here are just some of the key features of the Airaid 353-210:

  • Easy install with simple hand tools
  • Washable and reusable
  • Hand-built using the finest and technologically advanced materials

If you are still unsure what exactly a Cold Air Intake is please check out our how an air intake system works section. Like Airaid, we developed an Air Intake Installation guide to help people understand how easy these systems really are to install.

People often wonder if Cold Air Intake Systems are safe. We are here to tell you, not only are they safe, they partially pay for themselves over time. They do this by allowing your engine to breathe freely, reducing the amount of work your engine has to do, increasing your fuel economy.

Owners can rest knowing that these products, if installed property, will not void your vehicles warranty. There is a lot of misunderstood information out there, so let us help clear this up for you.

When something happens to your vehicle, the manufacturer or dealer has to prove that the modification was the culprit.  Sure, at first, they may give you a hard time about it but by law they have to prove that the modified part was the cause of the mechanical malfunction.

Unlike most other Cold Air Intake Systems out there, this is C.A.R.B. Exempt/Approved and is legal for use in California.

We are not the only ones praising this system. This is what other people have to say:

“The increase in gas mileage was instant. This is a great product. I would recommend this product to everyone that I know. It was easy to install, which was a plus.” – Jeremy

“Overall great product for price and I couldn’t be happier in regards to the look, fit, sound and performance increase.” – Protaz

If you are looking for a performance system that is going to increase the efficiency of your 300 then this is the best air intake system you can buy for the SRT-8.

This easy to install bolt-on modification will transform your stock 292 horsepower engine into a monstrous 303 horsepower engine while at the same time providing you with better fuel economy.

These systems really do pay for themselves. It is not often you come across a product that will repay you.

For a complete list of vehicles this intake works with, please see this page.

If you want even more performance, be sure to check out the MagnaFlow 15069 Large Stainless Steel Performance Exhaust System Kit as well as the Edge Products 83830 CTS Insight Monitor.

These two products will take your Vehicle to an entirely new level and are great to use in conjunction with the Airaid Cold Air Intake Kit.

Quick installation video:


Check out the DiabloSport T1000 Trinity Dashboard Tuner and Diagnostic Tool to gain even more horsepower.

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