Dodge Ram 1500-2500 K&N 63-1561 Cold Air Intake Review

Does increase power and acceleration by a small margin.
Easy Amazon return policy should you hate it.
Excellent customer feedback.
A bit pricey at around $280+.
Installation averages around 2 hours.
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The K&N 63-1561 Cold Air intake claims to boost your Ram’s horsepower up to 15.66. According to Amazon customer reviews and my own experience, I can say with confidence that such power claims are noticeable. I had rode along with a friend prior to and after installation and felt a smoother, quicker climb in speed especially in the higher RPM ranges.

The sound of this intake is throatier when under heavy load too. You’ll definitely hear it. For a $280+ air intake, I’d say it’s about on par with other intakes in its class. I will say that installation did take awhile, but this all depends on your technical knowledge and the tools available to you.


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Make: Chrysler  Model: Ram
Years Supported: 2009-14 1500 5.7L and 2013-14 2500 5.7L

Below, you’ll find my full review on the K&N 63-1561.

Table of Contents:
Is this cold air intake right for me?
Why purchase a cold air intake?
What you can expect from this air intake
Customer reviews


You own a Ram, and this is a wild guess, but I’ll assume that you want to gain a bit more power out of it, don’t you? As a matter of fact, I’m 60% positive that’s why you ended up on this page; You searched Google and bam! Here you are! Magic!

Well let me tell you, I’ve been there before, myself; Considering I’ve purchased a cold air intake for my 3000GT. Like you, I research any purchase before I buy it…especially a larger ($$$) purchase. I will tell you this, I do not own this exact cold air intake, HOWEVER, I do have a close-friend who does own the K&N 63-1561 Series.

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A short backstory:

One day while driving, I realized that I had sadly grown used to my car’s power. After pondering it over for a few days, I came to the conclusion that an aftermarket intake is usually the easiest to install aftermarket part to gain at least a few extra horsepower.

Usually not too terrible on the wallet as well. So I ended up with a HPS Shortram Air Intake Kit. After a few day wait, the intake arrived. Yes! Time to install. I installed that sucker and about cried upon starting the engine… SPUTTER…SPUTTER, BACKFIRE, BACKFIRE, SPUTTER, ROUGH IDLE, STALL.

What the hell just happened! Did I just break my car?

Nah, upon inspection I find that I forgot to plug in the MAF Sensor. Haha! I’m an idiot. OK…so I re-connect the MAF Sensor and start ‘er up. Blam, plow! She’s up and running smoothly.

Have you ever done something stupid like this? The sinking feeling in your stomach, right!?

Anyway, I giver the car a couple revs and notice a deeper, mostly pleasant sucking sound. I take her out for a spin around the neighborhood, and well, I noticed a smoother, more responsive acceleration. Neat!

Was it anything to brag about, not really but it definitely was/is noticeable. Looks nice under the hood too.

Ready to Purchase?

Are you looking to gain some extra, noticeable horsepower? Yes. Read on.

If you’re not sure how an aftermarket air intake works, please read my write up on how a cold air intake, short ram intake and warm air intake work, if you feel up to it. You’ll probably learn a few things. Or not, whatever.


Well that depends on a few different factors…

  • Do you have a couple hundred dollars to drop on one?
  • Do you have the technical knowledge to install an intake (it’s not exactly hard, but does require knowledge of how to remove old parts and install new, using TOOLS. (Scary!).
  • Are you the type of person that likes to install new things on your truck no matter what the power gains are?
  • If you live in California or anywhere that adopts California Highway Emissions, do not buy this intake. It’s illegal.

I could create bullet-points all day but basically it comes down to your time and money spent and what you expect for what you spent.

Shorter version, do you think it’s worth it, no matter what? So then…


Well, in theory, a Cold Air Intake is known to increase horsepower, acceleration and sometimes even gas-mileage by increasing the amount of oxygen delivered to your engine. Most reputable companies live up to this claim. Some horsepower gains will net a vehicle 3 to 35 extra horsepower depending on the vehicle and intake purchased.


According to K&N you’ll receive up to 15.66 extra horsepower. That’s quite a nice bump. Will you actually receive that much of a boost?

Hmmm…my buddy who I had mentioned earlier, has this intake series. I spoke with him. I’m told that he notices a difference just as I did with my car, noticeable and pleasant…but again, it’s not going to be the cause of you going through the back seats upon unleashing hell on the throttle. But there is a difference! And it looks good installed as they often do.

K&N-63-1561 Ram Cold Air Intake System

I mean, think about it…the first thing most people upgrade on their trucks, cars, suvs, tricycles, is the ole intake system, usually for good reason…they just simply do what they say they’ll do.

Don’t just take it from me though, link there are currently 229 reviews for this intake on Amazon. The majority of those reviews? Extremely positive. Lots of folks claiming to feel a big performance difference. All in all, Amazon shows a 4.5 out of 5 Stars.

These reviews are direct from Amazon:

“Received this product with missing parts. E-mailed K and N and they shipped the missing parts to me in about a week. After installation, I noticed a 1-2 MPG increase (except when hammering on it because it sounds so good) and noticeably more horsepower. I have the factory dual exhaust and the truck has a much deeper tone when accelerating. I would have rated this a 5 if not for the missing parts. I would highly suggest it for anyone with the 5.7L HEMI”. – Leo

“Simply put I love this product. Installation was easy minus a few bumps along the way, only being that I could not get the air sensor out of the intake tube which took up about an hour of my time however the instructions that come along with it are pretty straight up and easy to follow. The only problem was my kit did not coming with enough nuts and bolts for me to mount the system so I had to find some spare ones in my garage.

Other than that I have noticed a significant fuel economy bump (driving from Fort Stewart, GA to Central Florida I usually got around 17-18 mpg and after the install it went up to 23-24 mpg.) Nice get up and go when u step on the gas now. Not like before. My only issue is it’s hard to resist stepping on the gas to feel the truck take off and hear the deep sound coming from under the hood. Great product that I will buy again if I have to put it on another vehicle.”– Nolek

“Easy to install!! There was a big improvement to performance, and can really tell better response when getting on the pedal.” – William


As I had stated earlier, if you’re a poor college student, live in a cardboard box or just otherwise don’t have the cash to spare on this specific intake, there are cheaper alternatives that offer roughly the same power claims and with good reviews.

Both intakes below are roughly $130 cheaper:

Spectre Performance 9934 Air Intake Kit.
Spectre Performance 9934K Air Intake Kit.

Be sure these fit your exact model and trim!


I genuinely hope this overview has helped you decide whether the performance gain is worth the price you pay. I for one feel that my K&N was worth the purchase. I’m happy enough with the throttle response. That alone justifies my purchase

Be sure to leave a comment below should you have any questions regarding this intake and I’ll get back to you!

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Be sure to leave a comment below should you have any questions regarding this intake and I’ll get back to you!

Sean from Shortram.

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