Dodge Neon Aftermarket Air Intake Review K&N 57-1534

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Not everyone is aware of the restrictive stock air intake system on the Dodge/Chrysler Neon. Upgrading to an aftermarket air intake system allows for much improved air flow which in turn increases horsepower (slightly), acceleration response time and MPG.

Installing the K&N 57-1534 on my 2000 Dodge Neon gave me a slight but noticeable improvement in MPG and acceleration. Sounds great too!


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Increases horsepower by up to 4.85.
Performance gains in the areas of MPG and acceleration.
Easy to install.
Awesome customer service through Amazon.
Average price for its class but you can find other intakes for less. (See below).
May be a hassle to install should you lack the technical knowledge.

Sound 4/5:

Upgrading to the K&N 57-1534 from the stock intake system greatly improved the suction of air you often hear within an intake. It’s louder, more crisp and will sound great to any car enthusiast.

Price 3/5:

While the benefits of the K&N 57-1534 outweigh most of the cons, it’s hard to justify the price for such a small horsepower gain. Though, if you have the extra funds, by all means, go for it!

Do note that you can find/purchase the CDG3B Air Intake System for a fraction of the price which has positive reviews and offers many of the same benefits. I have not installed or used this intake, so purchase that one at your own risk.

Ease of Installation 5/5:

All the parts needed to install this intake are, of course included. The tools needed are basic tools seen in most any toolbox: Ratchet, Extension, 8mm Socket, 10mm Socket, Flat Blade Screwdriver, 10mm Wrench and a 13mm Wrench. If you are technically inclined, installation shouldn’t take longer than 90 minutes.

Current Amazon Rating 5/5:

According to 1 customer review, Virgilio states:

“Great engine bay look and even better performance. Very satisfied.”

If you’re the owner of a Neon. You’ll be satisfied with this purchase should you have the funds to spend on it, it looks great installed, sounds great when under load and gives a slight performance gain.
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