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This cold air intake for the Chevy Colorado is worth the purchase should you be able to afford the hefty price-tag. Slight perfomance gain, good looks and sound await the owner of the aFe Power 51-12792.

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Slight performance gain.
Easy to install.
Sounds nice.
Awesome customer service through Amazon.
Average price for its class but you can find other intakes for less. (See below).
Recently, I bumped into a friend of mine (Chris) who had just bought a 2016 Chevy Colorado. Like many others, Chris had expressed interest to me in regards to increasing the horsepower in his truck. As the owner of, I hear these questions often:

Do you think I should get a cold air intake? And, are they worth it?

If I had a nickel for each time these two questions were brought up…

Perhaps that’s why you’re on this page now, to learn if an aftermarket intake is worth the purchase for your Colorado. To answer Chris’s question (and possibly yours) – probably.

The majority of aftermarket air intake systems claim to increase horsepower, torque, acceleration time and Miles Per Gallon and even provide a deeper more noticeable suction sound when under heavy load.

In my own experience, I’ve noticed slight performance gains and decreased MPG. A Cold Air Intake allows for cooler, denser air to reach the engine, in turn, allowing the engine to burn more fuel thus increasing power output but at the expense of MPG, though some companies claim to increase MPG.

Aftermarket air intakes are a very common upgrade in part because most do not void warranty when installed. That’s a huge selling point, I think. Also, they’re usually very easy to install assuming you have the technical know-how.

I explain aftermarket intake systems in full detail within this article:

Aftermarket Air Intakes Explained.

Will the aFe Power 51-12792 improve performance in your non-base Chevy Colorado:

Yes – but only by a small but noticeable margin. The most noticeable change you’ll find though is the sound produced. In the dozens of intakes I’ve installed from K&N, AEM, and Spectre, the most prominent enhancement I’ve noticed right away was the sound difference.

Will you feel an increase in horsepower and acceleration?

Maybe, and if so, it’ll be in the higher RPM range, when the most air is sucked in. I do not expect you to find your Miles Per Gallon increased though, unless you lay of the throttle more than normal, haha.

As with any big-brand aftermarket air intake, what I do not like is the large price-tag. Unless you have the funds, I’d go with something cheaper such as the K&N 63-3088 for the 3.6LIt’s roughly $60 cheaper.

It’s hard for me to justify the purchase price for minimal performance gain in most cases.

However, if the 18 year old in you really wants a nice, enhanced sound note under load, and you can afford the hefty price tag, I’ll say go for the purchase. Click the button below to view full details of the aFe Power 51-12792.

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