Boost HP with the BBK-17260 C5 Corvette Cold Air Intake

Photo of the BBK-17260 C5 Corvette Air Intake

MAKE: Chevrolet / MODEL: Corvette / YEAR: 1997 to 2004 / ENGINE: 5.7L LS1 V8, 5.7L LS6 V8

The Chevrolet Corvette CS is designed to be a ruthless performance sport car that can be used as a daily driver. Pushing 350 horsepower (HP) to the rear wheel off the lot, this is a car many car enthusiast are drawn to. Despite the incredible horsepower this vehicle produces, it still is able to get an average fuel estimate of 16 mile-per-gallon (MPG) through the city and 23 mpg across the highways.

Although, straight off the lot, many drivers will be impressed by the Corvettes performance, however others will find themselves looking for ways to boost hp in their high end sports car can definitely make some power… however it can run a bit sluggish. It is almost like something is holding the C5 Corvette back.

The BBK-17260 cold air intake is designed to resolve that problem. It reaches out further than the stock air intake system to collect much cooler air. The cooler, much denser air, allows your engine to combust more efficiently freeing up power that had been used worker harder to combust the warm air from the stock intake system. This aftermarket intake system will easily give most customers a 7 to 21 increase in horsepower.

The BBK-17260 CS Corvette cold air intake system replaces the restrictive stock air intake system with CNC mandrel-bent aluminum tubes. These aftermarket intake tubes have a wider diameter then the stock intake tubes and have a smooth finish allowing air to pass through more freely. Your engine won’t have to work as hard with this aftermarket cold air intake which in turn will free up power.

The high-flow air filter really brings your Corvette to life when it goes to work. Your engine will be noticeably louder with a more aggressive sound. Most customer found themselves in awe as they took their sports car out after the installation of the cold air intake.

If that was not enough the BBK-17260 CS Corvette cold air intake is very easy to install. This aftermarket intake system comes with all the hardware required to get the job done. Most aftermarket bolt-on’s require the customer to have a mechanic to install the parts on their vehicles. That is not the case with this product. The easy-to-follow instructions that are included with this application, allows someone who isn’t that familiar with car to install this application themselves.  

Photo of the BBK-17260 C5 Corvette Air Intake

Some key features about the BBK-17260 cold air intake:

  • BBK is your Number One Aftermarket Performance Brand in the USA – American Designed and Built
  • High Flow Cotton Element Filter and High Flow Cast Aluminum Intake, Maximizes Airflow for Improved Horsepower and Acceleration
  • Direct Bolt on in 30 Minutes or Less With Simple Hand tools, No Tune Required
  • Beautiful Hand Polished Finish Looks Great Under the Hood
  • Flows Up to 75% More Air Over Stock Intakes for Guaranteed Performance

Customer Review:

“Very easy to install and gives good throttle response compared to stock intake. Having already installed a Corsa catback system probably makes a big difference in engine performance.” – Steve

If you are looking for ways to boost power in your C5 Corvette then the BBK-17260 cold air intake system is the right aftermarket bolt-on for you. You will not only feel the noticeable power gains from this product, you will also hear the increase in power too. You will definitely attract a lot of attention when you drive down the street once you install this cold air intake.

Check out Amazon’s online store for the best prices on the internet. You will be amazed how little you have to fork out for this easy to install bolt-on that will easily boost your horsepower in your C5 Corvette.

Check out the BBK-17260 C5 Corvette Intake for yourself!

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  • So I read 7 to 21 HP, why the big difference, 7 to 21 is huge. How can you tell which you’re going to receive 7, 8 10 12 15 21??
    Please explain.

  • Hi Falcom,

    BBK Performance Power-Plus Series cold air intake kits offer the best way to step up the performance on any late model EFI performance car or truck. These performance cold air intake systems are designed to increase the power on your vehicle by as much as 10% and they are all will increase throttle response, acceleration and overall performance on all applications.


  • need more info please, diameter of tube at both ends
    overall length with coupler and filter installed
    angle of tubes compared to tube body 90 degree bend or less
    are other colours an option
    do you offer non cotton filters
    is there a small tube connection for positive air vacuum tube into crankcase
    is there a hole for AIS sensor with grommet
    do you offer ‘ T ‘ bolt clamps instead of cheap spiral shown

    • Hey Roger,

      After a bit of research and speaking with BBK directly, we weren’t able to find the angles or dimensions for this kit but we can tell you it is a direct fit for the factory intake and does have holes for the sensors etc – we only off this kit one way and that is with the blue silicone hoses – clamps as shown and cotton air filter. If you would like further information, I’d be more than happy to assist you or find you a better option, if possible.


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