Boost Engine Power with the AEM 22-408B Honda Accord Short Ram Intake

AEM 22-408B Short Ram Intake for the Honda Accord

MAKE: HONDA / MODEL: ACCORD / YEAR: 1994 to 1997 / ENGINE: 2.2-liter

Car owners want their cars to run like the day they bought their Honda Accord. It seems that over the years the performance of the engine disappears. Most owners find themselves trading in their car that ends up requiring most buyers to take out a car loan. It can be risky to take out a loan in an economy like today. You may have looked around the internet for ways to boost the power in your Honda Accord. It can be a tough decision with so many brands to choose from. Don’t worry though we found the perfect solution for you. The guy’s over at AEM have designed a product that will increase your motors performance and allow you to get better gas mileage. The AEM aftermarket short ram air intake system is almost like a device that allows you vehicle to go back in time.

The air intake system will make your engine really come alive. The deep tone will really attract attention when you are driving down the highway. Many customers are left in shock when they first hear their Honda Accord start up for the first time after installing the AEM 22-4088 short ram intake.

You will be able to travel further than ever before thanks to the increase in miles-per-gallons (MPG). Most customers have noticed a 2 to 3 increase in their mpg, allowing them to save money at the pump. It will allow you to make that trip to the beach without having to worry about ways to cut cost. The AEM short ram intake will definitely pay for itself.

Your motor will work a lot more efficiently than ever before. By replacing the stock air intake system with the AEM 22-4088 short ram intake, your engine will be able to breathe a lot better. The stock intake system has a restrictive air flow design that causes your motor to work really hard just to product power. The warm air that is sucked into the engine doesn’t combust well causing your Honda Accord not to perform as well as it could. The aluminum tubes of this aftermarket air intake system has a smoother finish allowing the air to not be held back. The high-flow air filter will suck a lot more air into the motor reducing stress that will free up power.

AEM 22-408B Short Ram Intake for the Honda Accord

Key Features of the AEM 22-4088 Honda Accord short ram intake are:

  • Engineered to add horsepower and reduce restriction compared to OEM air intakes
  • All AEM Air Intakes come with a lifetime DRYFLOW Synthetic air filter with great filtration
  • Guaranteed for the life of your car or truck
  • Manufactured in the USA

 Customer Reviews:

“I just installed this intake in my 95 Honda Accord… I love it… It comes with a free AEM license plate and a couple AEM decal stickers… It really does do what it says… Better performance and a deeper roar… I’m very pleased and impressed… Comes with everything you will need to install out of the box… Took me like 45 minutes to install… Piece of cake)” – Cartier

“I have started to slowly upgrade my car and found this to be one of easiest installs to date. All of the hardware came with it along with instructions. As soon as I installed it I noticed that my throttle response was immediate. I love the product.” – Josh

“I ordered this intake for my 97 Honda Accord and I am totally satisfied with the purchase, car sounds great with it on. I highly recommend this product to anyone thinking about buying it.” – Michael

Without a doubt this aftermarket intake system is designed for anyone who wants more out of their Honda Accord. This will definably bring your car back from the dead allowing you to fall back in love with your vehicle. From the new sound your engine makes to the gas you will save, this easy to install, inexpensive, short ram intake will not only provide with a better ride, it will also pay for itself over time.

Head over to Amazon to read more about the AEM 22-4088 Honda Accord short ram intake. You will shocked at how cheap this product is!

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