Air Intake Comparison Chart

With so many options available when choosing an aftermarket air intake, choosing the perfect match for your vehicle can be quite overwhelming.

The following air intake comparison chart lists the best air intakes for the price among 20 recent best selling vehicles. Do note that many of these aftermarket intakes fit more than just one year and model auto.

It’s best to use Amazon’s or K&N’s Vehicle Checker Tool when selecting an intake system or by checking the manufactures “Vehicle Application List”. Such an example is found in this link:

K&N 63-3070 Vehicle Application List

We chose the best intakes available to buy online from Amazon as they offer the lowest prices when compared with other sites I had browsed…even if it saves you just a few dollars.

Some of the information wasn’t easily made available such as horsepower and torque gained for some vehicles. Once this information is obtained, the chart will be updated.

If there’s additional vehicles you’d like to see listed below, please use the “Provide Feedback” button to the right and fill in the information and we’ll get on it!

You can expect us to add on additional vehicles with time, so be sure to visit occasionally.

Some of the intakes do not have reviews, atleast, not from Amazon; However, we scoured the web for forum reviews, reviews from manufactures sites and other places to see what others had to say.

Rest assured that these are great, quality intakes backed by plenty of customers. There had been a handful that we had thrown out due to being poorly designed and just… cheap. Usually, you get what you pay for. But if we can get you quality for a low-price, we will!

Days of research had been spent to create this air intake comparison chart for your convenience. We ask in exchange for our efforts, that you please share this page with anyone you’d think could benefit from it. Thanks!

Aftermarket Air Intake Comparison

Vehicle# Sold in US MarketBrandFitsHorsepower GainedRatingPrice
Ford F-Series763,000+aFe 54-121922012-2014 V6-3.5L (tt) F-150Up to 32 and 35lbs x ft. Torque
4.5 Star out of 30 ReviewsUnder $270
Chevy Silverado480,000+Volant 1545362009-2013 All TrimsUp to 18 and 40lbs x ft. Torque4.5 out of 12 ReviewsUnder $325
Toyota Camry408,000+Injen IS2030P1997-1998 CE
1997-2001 LE
1997-2001 XLE
Not Specified5 Stars out of 3 ReviewsUnder $225
Honda Accord360,000+aFe TR-1007B Takeda2008-2012 All TrimsUp to 14 and 14lbs x ft. Torque5 Star out of 2 ReviewsUnder $225
Ram Pickup 355,000+K&N 63-15612009 DODGE RAM 1500 PICKUP 5.7L
2010 DODGE RAM 1500 PICKUP 5.7L
2011 DODGE RAM 1500 PICKUP 5.7L
2011 RAM 1500 5.7L
2012 DODGE RAM 1500 PICKUP 5.7L
2012 DODGE 1500 PICKUP 5.7L
2013 DODGE RAM 1500 PICKUP 5.7L
2013 DODGE RAM 2500 PICKUP 5.7L
2013 RAM 1500 5.7L
2013 RAM 2500 5.7L
2014 DODGE RAM 1500 PICKUP 5.7L
2014 DODGE RAM 2500 PICKUP 5.7L
2014 RAM 1500 5.7L
2014 RAM 2500 5.7L
Up to 15.66
Torque Not Specified
4.5 Stars out of 95+ ReviewsUnder $300
Honda Civic336,000+Skunk 343-05-01002006 - 2011 Coupe Si
2007 - 2011 Sedan Si
Not Specified4.5 Stars out of 3 ReviewsUnder $325
Nissan Altima320,000+aFe TR-3002P2007-2012 L4-2.5LUp to 9 and 11lbs x ft. Torque4.5 Stars out of 12 ReviewsUnder $225
Honda CR-V303,904+K&N 69-0015TS2002-2004 HONDA CR-V 2.4L also 2002-2006 Acura RSX 2.0LUp to 2.82
Torque Not Specified
5 Stars out of 5 ReviewsUnder $200
Toyota Corolla302,000+K&N 69-8600TR2002-2004 1.8L L4Up to 8.74
Torque Not Specified
4 Stars out of 8 ReviewsUnder $250
Ford Escape295,000+K&N E-29932014 1.6/2.0L L4
2013 1.6/2.0L L4
Not Specified5 Stars out of 70+ ReviewsUnder $80
Ford Fusion295,280K&N 69-3515TS2006-2009 3.0LUp to 11.9
Torque Not Specified
4 Stars out of 10 ReviewsUnder $300
Chevy Cruze248,000+K&N 69-4521TS2011-2014 1.4LUp to 6.49
Torque Not Specified
4.5 Stars out of 20+ ReviewsUnder $275
Hyundai Elantra247,000+K&N 69-5303TS2011-2013Up to 5.63
Torque not specified
4.5 Stars out of 6 ReviewsUnder $280
Chevy Equinox238,000+K&N 77-3071KS2010-2014 2.4LUp to 6.5
Torque Not Specified
5 Stars out of 3 ReviewsUnder $325
Ford Focus234,570+K&N 69-3510TB2000-2003 2.0LUp to 3.88
Torque not specified
4 Stars out of 4 ReviewsUnder $250
Toyota Prius234,228+SP20912013-2014 Prius CUp to 6.59 and 8.59lbs x ft. Torque0 Reviews but plenty of props around the internet.Under $225
Toyota Rav4218,000+K&N 69-8753TR2000-2005 2.0 L4Up to 9 Torque Not Specified4 Stars out of 1 ReviewUnder $300
Hyundai Sonata203,000+K&N 69-5309TS2011-2014 2.0LUp to 7.63 Torque Not Specified4.5 Stars out of 5 ReviewsUnder $325
Chevy Malibu200,000+Injen SP Series2009-2010 2.4LUp to 6.59 Torque Not Specified0 Reviews but plenty of props around the internet.Varies
GMC Sierra184,000+Spectre Performance 9900Fits over 50 GMC Sierras. Click the link to view the Vehicle Application Page.Not Specified4.5 Stars out of 100+ ReviewsUnder $175

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