AEM 21-488B 2004-2008 Mazda 3 Cold Air Intake Review


The following Mazda 3 Cold Air Intake review is written for the 2004 through 2008 Mazda 3 Series Mazda. For the exact list, please view this page.

MAKE: Mazda / MODEL: 3 / YEAR: 2004 – 2008 / ENGINE: 2.0L, 2.3L

The AEM 21-488B Air Intake System:

This is an inexpensive bolt-on aftermarket system that you have not been told about and has kept you from getting the most out of your car.

This high-flow cold air intake replaces that stock air box that has been putting stress on your motor.

Unlike that old worn out technology, this system reaches out further to suck cold air from outside the engine bay to increase oxygen to reduce stress off your engine that will in return allow for better acceleration and an increase in your fuel efficiency.

We are going to uncover this product and provide you with information that no one has been telling you about.

Why the AEM 21-488B 2004-2008 Mazda 3 Cold Air Intake is the Best Money Can Buy?

Let’s face it, technology keeps advancing each day. It is a struggle to keep up with the latest and greatest thing. What can you do if you find yourself with outdated technology?

You could trade in your car however you will be stuck with another car payment.

With the rise in gas prices and the cost of living expenses going through the roof, there is no way you could take out another loan just to save on fuel cost.

We have some information that many car manufactures don’t want you to know.

There are ways to boost your miles-per-gallon without having to suffer any loss in power. In fact, you will notice an increase in acceleration and your car will look and sound like a high performance sport compact.

Many of the customers that have bought this product cannot get over how much they are saving in gas. With the introduction of Mazda’s new ‘Skyactiv” technology, many owners of the older models of the Mazda 3 have been trading up.

In our economy today, who has the money to take out a new loan? The AEM cold air intake is a very inexpensive solution to tackle this problem.

The diameter of the intake tubes are wider to allow greater amounts of air to flow through mandrel-bent aluminum tubes that allows for a less restrictive air-flow.

The larger reusable high-flow air filter allows for more, cooler, air to be sucked into the system and is protected with a powder coated heat shield to reduce any hot air from being pulled into the system.

The AEM 21-488B 2004-2008 Mazda 3 Cold Air Intake is dyno-tested and has been tuned specifically for your vehicle allowing you to get the best results from this easy-to-install bolt-on aftermarket system that can be install in as little as hour or less.

For a product that is under 350 dollars, this is a steal for anyone looking for high quality hardware designed to reduce restriction and reduce the air temperature that will allow your motor to work more efficient allowing you to not only increase you miles-per-gallon but pay itself off doing so.

What Do We Think?

When we started looking into this product we couldn’t believe that an inexpensive easy-to-install bolt-on that anyone could install themselves in less than an hours’ worth of time could really do everything that AEM said this part could do.

We quickly turned to forums to talk with many customers who had bought the AEM 21-488B 2004-2008 Mazda 3 Cold Air Intake.

Most, if not all of them, agreed on seeing a drastic increase in their fuel economy. Review after review from every site we could find, all of the verified customers said the same thing.

On top of the increase miles-per-gallons, many noticed that their Mazda 3 accelerated much quicker and their engine has a much deeper thunderous sound. That caught us off guard as we thought that it would have been more of a hollow pissed off bee sound.

The instruction for installation that is provided with this high quality product is straight forward and easy to follow that if someone who wasn’t very knowledgeable with cars could install this product as many customers have said.

The bottom line is that this product is the real deal and should not be passed over if you are looking for ways to save money and put that old spark back into your Mazda 3.

What We Like About the AEM 21-488B 2004-2008 Mazda 3 Cold Air Intake:

  • The amazing increase of miles-per-gallons.
  • Better air flow reducing stress of the motor.
  • Better acceleration and more power.

What We Did Not Like:

  • The engine noise might be a little louder then you are used to
  • You may have to jack your car off the ground or drive it up on ramps to install parts

Buy It or Pass On It?

We highly recommend this product. After spending countless hours on research, we have found that this product lives up to the AEM brand. This built for performance application will definitely give you that boost in both miles-per-gallon and acceleration.

Most aftermarket bolt-on parts can cost you over 1000 dollars and require you to take your vehicle to a shop.

It simply is not the case with this product. With everything this intake system gives you, it is a steal. Priced under 350 dollars you would think that the quality would suffer but it is not the case with this product as many customers would agree.

From the high-flow reusable air filter to the throttle body connector, this system has been designed to take anything your motor can throw at it. For an easy-to-install bolt-on cold air intake that anyone can install, this is a must for any owner of the Mazda 3.

Key Features of the AEM 21-488B Air Intake System:

  • Engineered to add horsepower and reduce restriction compared to OEM air intakes
  • All AEM Air Intakes come with a lifetime DRYFLOW Synthetic air filter with great filtration
  • Guaranteed for the life of your car or truck
  • Manufactured in the USA

Verified Buyer:

Although I don’t have my 2008 Mazda 3 anymore (Traded it in for a Mazdaspeed), this AEM CAI was amazing.
It was very easy to install, delivered a decent power gain, and gave me more MPG than I can ask for.
In my opinion, an intake should be the very first thing to install on just about any vehicle, because the benefits are obvious.
You get slightly more power, and more miles per the gallon, which will pay itself off in a year or so. All-in-all, I highly recommend this product. – David P.
Verified Buyer:
Installed this in my 04 Mazda 3s, it completely changed the car’s attitude. It doesn’t give a ricer sound, it’s slightly throaty but not until you hit 3500+ RPMs.
I noticed slightly better gas mileage, but that is offset by driving it at higher RPMs just to hear that slight roar. Installing it was easy, but removing the stock air box was a pain.
It took about 60 – 90 minutes to take the stock air box and resonator out, and then about 10 – 15 to install this. – Eric M.

Where Can I Buy This Inexpensive Bolt-On Charger Mod?

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