Advertising on Shortram

Advertising on is easy, fast and affordable. Expose your business, website, product or service to thousands of monthly auto-enthusiasts. Create your chance to pick up new clientele, sales and more! Below, you’ll find answers to some of the questions we’re most commonly asked in regard to advertising.

Question: Where is your advertising page located?
Answer:  Click this link and you’ll be directed there.

Question: Which payment methods do you offer?
Answer: Paypal currently.

Question: What advertising models are available?
Answer: Currently, we offer CPC (Cost Per Click), CPM (Cost Per Mile: 1,000 impressions/views) and CPD (Cost Per Day).

Question: What are your advertising rates?
Answer: See/click on the image below for our current rates.

Question: Which ad sizes are available?
Answer: The available sizes are as followed:

  • Sidebar – 300×250
  • Air Intake Explained Page – This ad is not set by size.
  • Footer – 300×250
  • Before Header – 468×60

Be sure your ad fits one of these sizes.

Question: Where will my advertisement be displayed?
Answer: The following positions are available and are able to be selected when creating your ad:

Question: Can I track the performance of my Advertisement?
Answer: Yes! Once payment is made, you’ll receive an email to the email address you’ve provided that will provide you a link to click to that provides advertising statistics such as impressions/clicks.

Question: Can I contact you to run custom advertising?
Answer: Yes! Please see our Contact Us page to send us an E-mail. Use “Custom Advertisement” as the Subject.

Question: I can’t find the answer I need listed on this page.
Answer: Please contact us via our contact form.