Acura Integra AEM 22-403R Short Ram Intake Review

A great price on the Acura Integra AEM 22-403R Short Ram Air Intake

If you’re looking to buy an aftermarket air intake system for your Acura Integra, AEM has available the 22-403R short ram intake. The 22-403R fits a wide range of Acura Integra’s pretty much from 1994 to the early 2000’s.

This intake is perfect for anybody that’s looking to do one of the basic aftermarket upgrades to their car. The price is currently hovering around $95 from Amazon. AEM’s dryflow technology is up to 99.52% efficient in filtering fine dust and dirt as small as one micron.

The AEM 22-403R has been designed to never need filter oil and is engineered to produce and suck in colder more oxygen rich air allowing your Integra better throttle response, an increase in acceleration, better fuel economy any slight increase of horsepower.

A great price on the Acura Integra AEM 22-403R Short Ram Air Intake

Every AEM short ram intake is assembled. Created in manufacturing the USA and are guaranteed for life.

The installation of the 22-403R for your Integra should take less than 90 minutes and is relatively easy to perform and depending on your specific model, installation could be as easy as using a screwdriver and a 10 mm wrench.

Typically with a short ram intake, the distance between the engine and the air-filter, is much shorter than that of a cold air intake, because of this AEM had performed temperature testing for perfect placement of the coolest area of your engine compartment which allows the lowest possible inlet temperatures able to be achieved.

Most reports that I’ve read in regards to the 22-403R state that the increase in power is felt in the higher rpm range which is typical with a short ram intake.

Not to mention it’s a very noticeable cosmetic improvement over your stock/OEM air intake system.

So if you’re looking to buy an aftermarket air intake for your Integra, you really cannot go wrong with the AEM 22-403R. It’s got great looks, great reviews, decent performance gains and a great price that’s tough to beat with a short ram intake. I definitely recommend checking it out on Amazon if you care to upgrade the performance of your vehicle.


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