2011-2014 Honda CR-Z Stage 2 Air Intake Review

MAKE: Honda / MODEL: CR-Z / YEAR: 2011 – 2014 / ENGINE: L4-1.5L

Are you looking to add more horsepower and increase acceleration for your Honda CR-Z? You shouldn’t have to suffer from performance when buying a hybrid. The Honda CR-Z stands out in the hybrid vehicle line up. Many customers who have bought the Honda CR-Z are surprise by how well the Honda CR-Z performs. However, they often find themselves wishing that there was more of a sports car feel when driving the Honda CR-Z. If you are looking to take your Honda CR-Z to the next leave, the aFe TM-1016B-1 Takeda Stage-2 Pro 5R air intake system is for you. You will break necks once you install this product when you cruise around your neighborhood.

aFe Takada Stage 2 Air Intake for the Honda CR-Z

The aFe TM-1016B-1 Takeda Stage-2 Pro 5R air intake system will outflow your stock air intake system by 57%

  • Stage-2 intake system
  • Sealed
  • Requires no cutting
  • Roto-molded intake tube
  • Fits both 6 speed and CVT transmission vehicles

You will feel and hear more horsepower and increased acceleration with the aFe TM-1016B-1 Takeda Stage-2 Pro 5R air intake system. The loop intake tube has a momentum design that is engineered to improved low-end torque. The filter is designed to reduce air flow resistance to provide direct airflow smoothly into the intake track. Everything you need is included in the package. Included in the package is a set of easy-to-follow instructions that will allow anyone to install this air intake system themselves.

Verified Buyer Reviews:

” Fast shipping. Adds nice tone and feel to the car, feels more sporty. It has a nice oem quality to it,but it’s more streamlined and beefy. Installation is pretty straight forward, just had to pull down pretty hard on the resonator hose when I was removing original air box, be careful not to slip and hurt your hand.” – Cesar

“I bought mine from the seller “ECS Motorsports”. They very promptly got it shipped out to me, and I had it within about four days. I am very satisfied with the product. Instructions were great, aFe’s customer support was outstanding when I called about if the filter is pre oiled or not (turns out it is). Within about an hour I had my factory intake out and this one put in. Purs like a kitten, and roars like a tiger when given throttle. Fitted on my 2013 Honda CR-Z, CVT. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Edit : Forgot to mention the only tools you’ll need is a 10mm socket, 8mm socket (optional, for tighter clamps), a pair of pliars, a flat head & philips screw driver, and something to clip the hose line to shorten the one they provide you.” Verified Amazon Customer

If you want to add horsepower and increased acceleration then this performance air intake system is designed for you. Amazon offers the aFe TM-1016B-1 Takeda Stage-2 Pro 5R air intake system at the cheapest price we could find on the internet. Known for their lightning fast shipping and award winning customer service, you can rest knowing you are in good hands when ordering from Amazon. Hurry though, they only carry a limited number of this product. Order yours today.

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