2011-2013 Hyundai Sonata | Cold Air Intake Injen SP1331P Review

The Injen SP1331P Cold Air Intake Kit for the Kia Optima

MAKE: KIA / MODEL: Optima / YEAR: 2011 – 2013 / ENGINE: 2.4-liter

Overview of the Injen SP1331P Hyundai Sonata Cold Air Intake:

The Injen SP1331P is a cold air intake system that allows your engine to breathe better by reducing stress from the engine.

Developed through the use of Injen’s patented MR Technology, the cold air intake system is tuned to the most optimum air to fuel ratio that provides the best possible result for the Hyundai Sonata.

The intake tubes are made from mandrel-bent aluminum that is built for smoother airflow than the stock air intake system. The custom design is engineered to maximize the performance of the Hyundai Sonata.

Injen suggest most customers will see noticeable acceleration and fuel economy gains. They even go as far as saying the customer should expect an increase up to 7 horsepower and 7.5 lb-ft torque.

That is a lot to promise for a cheap aftermarket performance application less than 300 dollars. It is worth noting that this application is American made and includes a lifetime warranty.

The fact remains does this product live up to what Injen suggests?

We started researching what people had to say about the Injen SP1331P for the Hyundai Sonata. We were determined to see whether or not there was a proven increase in power along with the fuel economy.

We only provide the facts of our research through peoples testimonies along with information that we found in the car community.

Our Findings:

We began by searching out what people had to say about the performance gains. We simply believed that they were too good to be true and wanted to get to the bottom of it.

One thing we began to notice was that feelings were mixed as Kendal wrote “I noticed a boost in horsepower (HP) at lower rpm’s.”

We as Kyle wrote “The horsepower (HP) gain isn’t as amazing as I expected”.  Nearly everyone we gathered information from were the same. The feelings were mixed when it came down to performance gains.

The Injen SP1331P Cold Air Intake Kit for the Kia Optima

Next we wanted to found out what was one of the most stand out features of this product.

We were quite interested to find that the sound of the engine really came to life as Kyle tells us “my car now has a nice deep rumble when I accelerate, which is good enough for me”.

Aston was impressed as he wrote “It surprises my friends when they ride with me and turn’s heads when you give it power”.

The engine noise definitely seems to be one of the best features of this product as it really gives the customer that performance sound.

In the end pretty much everyone who had bought this Injen SP1331P Hyundai Sonata Cold Air Intake were very pleased with the products.

Brady wrote “Gas mileage has improved slightly” and continued saying that the product was “Easy to install”. Kyle found this application to be “Easy to put on” and thought that this was a “Great product”. Even Kendal agreed that this product was “Very easy to put in” as well.


We feel that overall this is a product most people will enjoy. You may find that the performance gains do not live up to what the manufacture suggest however the performance sound will definitely make you smile.

With a minimal increase in fuel efficiency, as many suggest, this product will allow you to save a little bit of money at the gas station.

The product is pretty straight forward to install and includes a set of easy-to-follow instructions to allow for installation to be a breeze.

Everything you need to install this Injen SP1331P Hyundai Sonata Cold Air Intake is included in the package and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

More throatier SoundHorsepower increase isn't really noticeable
Acceleration BoostEngine noise can be annoying over extended trips
Easy to installIncrease in fuel economy is very minimal
Street Legal in all States
Lifetime Warranty
Reusable Air Filter
Provides Cooler air to the engine
Popular amongst Optima owners
Looks nice installed


“Easy to install! Gas mileage has improved slightly and the engine sounds great. Definitely recommend the Injen cold air intake.” – Brady

“I am pleased with this product. The HP gain isn’t as amazing as I expected. However, my car now has a nice deep rumble when I accelerate, which is good enough for me!” – Kyle

“Great product! Easy to put on. It surprises my friends when they ride with me and turn’s heads when you give it power! Noticed power difference as well.

I love it and I do recommend it! Downside is your gas mileage goes down, and your tires wear out faster due to your addiction to the power!!!” – Aston

“Very easy to put in, and the sound is amazing. I also noticed a boost in HP at lower rpm’s.” – Kendal

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