2007-2010 Scion TC Aftermarket Intake K&N 69-8614TS

Performance air filters have always been a quick and easy method for enhancing the power output of most vehicles. The K&N 69-8614TS Typhoon Series Air Intake System is a Scion TC aftermarket cold air intake that is readily available to be installed in any 2007-2010 Scion TC.

This performance air filter is specially designed for the 2007-2010 model and can be easily installed without any hassle.

The Scion TC is a compact sports car launched by Toyota under the Scion brand name. This car is known for its sporty driving dynamics and somewhat powerful engine. Powered by a 2.5 litre engine, this car produces 180 horsepower.

The six speed transmission makes it a extremely quick and fun to drive car. But for some people, this power may not be sufficient enough. K&N air filters provide a simple way to boost the power output of their sports car at an economical price.

The K&N Typhoon series air intake system is a performance enhancing air induction system. Its free flowing mechanism replaces the factory fitted restrictive air intake mechanism.

Some of the key features of this Scion TC aftermarket intake are:

  • This air intake system provides a simple way to increase the horsepower of your vehicle.

  • Apart from increasing the performance figures of your car, it also improves the engine note of the car, making your vehicle sound more fierce and sporty.

  • Installing this K&N 69-8614TS system also improves the throttle response of the car and reduces performance lag. This makes the car more quick on the road and enhances the control of the driver over the car. Sharper throttle response means quicker acceleration times.

  • Typhoon intake tubes have been finished to a high degree ensuring longer service life and consistent performance.

  • K&N intake tubing has been specially designed to have low restriction, this increases the air flow and improves the combustion process.

  • Its simple construction make it easier to handle and quick to install. The whole air induction system can be fitted on to the car in less than ninety minutes, making the process hassle free.

  • The aluminium tubing and other parts of the air intake system has been made from high quality material resulting in an excellent service life.

  • The system can work efficiently up to 100,000 miles without requiring any service.

  • The air filter that comes with this kit is washable and reusable. It has a very long life lasts a lifetime if taken care properly. Regular washing it and reusing it increases both performance and efficiency.

The K&N 69-8614TS Typhoon Cold Air Intake for the Scion TC has been used by many people and it has always received positive reviews such as the following from verified buyers:

It was a nice easy install and I can definitely tell the difference on my 2008 scion tc! Increased hp, it sounds deeper and richer when I rev my engine and it even increases your mpgs! So eventually it even pays for itself! It’s a fantastic product and the cheapest I found anywhere.- Kyle

Simple bolt-on part. I threw it on my 2007 scion tC in 45 minutes. Turned the car on and was very impressed! – Rich

The initial cost of the system has been kept as low as possible to put it in the reach of more people. The filter system has a unique reusable design, which means you do not need to purchase even a single filter in its entire life, just keep it clean and will keep on running. This reduces the overall running cost of the car in a longer run.

 A Photo of the K&N 69-8614TS Scion TC Aftermarket Cold Air Intake

Apart from the power boost, this system increases the overall performance of the car, it improves the throttle response and increases the fuel efficiency also. A car fitted with a K&N air filter can easily gain around 8-9 horsepower in the 5500 rpm range. The fuel efficiency of the car also gets an increment of 6 miles per gallon, the Scion TC can return a fuel economy of 30-31 miles per gallon.

Most of the power gain is attained at higher engine speeds, at higher rpm’s there is appreciable horsepower gain as noted above. This improves the driving characteristics of the car on the highway and helps in performing quick overtaking maneuvers. Low restriction tubing provides a smoother air flow ensuring proper running of the engine and reduction in engine damage.

The filter reduces the chance of any dirt or impurity entering the engine and damaging it. This means lower service bills and more money saving in a longer run. On the top of it, this K&N filter system comes with a Million mile limited warranty to enhance the customer satisfaction level.

Therefore this K&N typhoon kit is a great deal for all those customers who are looking for a efficient, economical Scion TC aftermarket upgrade. Its reliability and quality has made it one of the most trusted brands in the market.

Check out the following video regarding the 69 Series:

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